Tuesday, June 10, 2008

How To Have A Good Time At The Movies

Its quite easy to a good time at the movies. All you need is a friend and a wild imagination. First you need to find the best seats possible the very front or the very back would be great. Next get in a comfortable position right next to your friend. After that start a conversation with your friend that would make the people sitting around you uncomfortable so they'll move. When the movie begins thats when the fun really starts. WARNING IF NOT DONE RIGHT YOU WILL GET CAUGHT AND THROWN OUT OF THE THEATER. Pull out your night stick and go to work on your self. Make sure while your shining your night stick you talk to your friend about what's going on in the movie or else you'll get caught. Make sure your friend is of the same sex or this will not work. You and your friend can play games like wack the weasel or time challenge. Make sure you dont take to long. Leave before the movie ends make sure you leave a present for the next person. Thats all it takes to have a good time at the movie

Monday, June 9, 2008

Symbols in Of Mice And Men

There are alot of symbols in the book of mice and men but the one that really stands out to me is candys dog. Candys dog is old and in the way it hads no use any more. Its like carrying around died weight. And when they kill it it shows just how people view the old and help less get rid of them

Blooms Taxonomy

1Q. Who spoke to Bigger Thomas right after he killed Mary Dalton?
1A: Mrs. Dalton spoke to Bigger right after he killed Mary Dalton
2Q: What was the main idea of the first book?
2A: Bigger Thomas killing Mary Dalton was the main idea
3Q: Do you know another instance where a black male killed a white woman?
3A: Yes all the time lol
4Q: How was this similar to To Kill A Mockingbird?
4A: Bigger Thomas is like Tom Robinson.
5Q: Can you see a possible solution to the killing of Mary Dalton?
5A: They might pay more attention to the killings of whites and blacks as equal attention.
6Q: How effective are killings?
6A: There not really effective


1. Why does George warn Lennie not to drink too much water?

2. Why does Lennie have a dead mouse in his pocket?

4. Why does George tell Lennie not to talk when they get to the ranch?

5. What happened to all of the mice that Lennies aunt gave him?

6. Why did George and Lennie run away from Weed?

7. What is Curley good at?

8. What is Curleys wife name?

9. Where does Lennie Tell George to go if he gets in trouble?

10. Who dies at the end of the book?

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Empire Of The Sun

Empire of the Sun was a good movie i liked it. The movie showed lots of things but the one thing that really showed was the value of family.

There was a boy namned jamie in the movie. He was a rich british boy who lived in china with his parents. The movie takes place in the middle of a war. When he gets seperated from his he gos back to the house like his mom said. eltimentle it doesnt work out and he gets smack they sum asian chick. He leaves the house to try in surrender. While hes out sum boy trys to steal his shoes. While running he mets a man named basie. Basie thats him back to his place and feeds him. Later Jamie shows basie houses he could steal from but get caught and sent to a consentrasion camp.

While living in this camp he becames an errand boy. He runs around the entire camp doing things for other people. He does something so brave he earns his way in the american house. Everyone in the camp help him in a way. Basie gave him information, the docter acted like a teacher etc... Everyone in the camp act like a big family they would give him shilter and he would get food for them. While at the camp he becames friends what an asian but the americans wined up shooting him. The end was good he is reunioned with his family and they looked happy.

In conclusion Empire of the Sun was a great movie and i liked it alot. The movie showed me alot of things but to me it really showed family value.

Service learning

Through service learning I've learned that I wouldnt like to work in a garden when I get older that sometimes it can be fun but other times it can be boring. I like when we plant nuttin else I don’t like it all the planing its corny. Ive learned that i hate gardens and i should have picked a nothing thing a mi bob.

My Reflections on NHD April 28-May 3

1. Topic.
For NHD i worked with Jada. She was interested in my topic so we decided to pair up and do a exhibit. My topic was on unit 731.

2. Details
I learned that Unit 731 was when the Japanese conducted chemical warefare and live human testing. It happened over in China and Japan during World War II. The American connection to the topic was that the United States gave the scientists a break if in exchange for their information.
Working in a group actually was nice, it could've been better since my partner was MARQUIS! But he came through and did what he had to do. Even though we argued sometimes, it was never serious he was a good partner. Our project came out really good from my point of view.
The whole entire NHD process this year was very calm. I felt that this year it was slow and gay. I only say this because it seemed as though the entire thing was completely unorganized .I didn't like that fact that we had the competition held in our school.

3. Successes
Jada and I had a lot of success we found a lot of useful images. The greatest accomplishment that we achieved was that we found information, and documentation that actually proved the connected the united states' had with Japan. Must files were extremely confidential but leaked on the internet.

4. Challenges
The biggest challenge was attempting to find the documents that connected the united states some how. Even though my partner and I successfully did so. Another challenge that we had was finding an image that we could agree to put on the board. There were a lot of Gory, and disturbing images that we had to choose from. We had to tame what we put on our board but get our point across at the same time. I can successfully say that we did come to an agreement.

5. Changes and suggestions for next year.
A challenge that may come up next year is finding a partner and a topic.
Suggestion is don't work with your friends. I saw a lot of fights this year.

My Reflections on NHD April 28-May 3

The meeting was good and useful because we know some of the things we are going do to for service learning.
I haven't faced any challenges in the group because we really didn't do anything for real.
I think we need to talk about what flowers we're going to plant and what positions everyone gets.
I feel like we need to talk about what we are going to do in the school.
I want my role to be body guard or material manager for the group.